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SQK Accountancy specialises in all inclusive accounting packages for small businesses.

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    As a small and hospitality business specialist we understand how critical it is that you find the right support for your business and that it doesn’t cost the earth.

    Here at SQK Accounting we aim to provide the best service at the lowest price whether you need basic bookkeeping, your annual accounts or the range of services.

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    For Small Businesses and Start-ups

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    One key element of small business accounting that is often not explored until the last minute is payroll. It’s a defining moment in any small business when you go from being a solo trader to a business with employees. Even one employee can present difficulties......

    Most businesses rely on financial statements to understand the financial health of their outfit. It’s using statements that businesses gain indications of profitability, liquidity, and solvency of the enterprise. However, the statements are only as good as can be verified from reconciliation. Reconciliation is all......

    If you run a private company in the UK, you must prepare two documents at the end of the financial year: Statutory annual accounts and a Company Tax Return. HMRC puts various deadlines in place for both of these documents. In most cases, they relate......

    Our 3 promises

    We welcome clients of all business sizes and it is our pleasure to work with you, to make a difference and to make your business our business.

    The Client comes first

    Here at SQK Accounting we believe that the client is the most important thing and that we should do everything we can to make sure that your business is successful.

    Always answer our phone

    Whenever you need to talk to us, whether it by email, phone or face to face, we aim to reply within 24 hours and ensure you have a satisfactory answer within 48 hours.

    Keep costs low

    As a growing business ourselves we know the importance of keeping control of costs and so we aim to minimise our costs so that you receive the best support for your business at the lowest cost.

    Out of hours appointments available

    We can provide support that other accountants wouldn’t include such as out of hours appointments as we know that running a business can mean working more than a 9 to 5 job.

    Our financial services

    We provide a variety of services to support any business regardless of their size and ambition


    We can ensure that you have accurate records including monthly profit and loss and even accounts.

    This means you know exactly how much your business has spent and how much it has brought in.

    Statutory Accounts

    The bane of every small limited company is to make sure these are both correct and submitted on time.

    We can take this off your shoulders and let you concentrate on running your business successfully.

    Payroll and PAYE

    With rules regarding PAYE changing constantly it can be difficult for you to keep up.

    We ensure you are both paying your employees correctly and staying compliant with the regulation.

    Tax Computations

    It can be difficult to calculate just how much tax you need to pay and when you need to pay it by.

    We make it as easy as possible by producing and submitting your tax return.

    Advice and Guidance

    Alongside training workshops, we’re able to provide ongoing support and advice.

    From regular phone-calls to one-off sessions, plus the first consultation is free!