3 key areas most small businesses need support in

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3 key areas most small businesses need support in

Small businesses are key to the whole UK economy – be it in Manchester or anywhere else in the country.

Due to the nature of these companies, they do not always have large numbers of staff to handle every task or huge departments to focus on specific jobs. As a result, small businesses in the UK can sometimes need help with the same common things.

But what might they be?

Small business accounting

Accountancy is indeed one area where most UK small businesses need a little help. Even if you do complete some accountancy work in-house, it is unlikely you have the time, inclination or in-depth knowledge to keep on top of it all. Tax returns, payroll and quarterly VAT returns are prime examples of this.

In addition, many companies get help with small business accounting because it enables them to ask professionals for their advice. If you were planning to expand into new territories, for example, you might want to get expert guidance on whether your current business finances could support it.


Marketing is a key area because it lets consumers know you exist, what you do, what your brand is all about and how they can find you. Most small businesses do not have the budget to hire a marketing team though and many entrepreneurs do not have the marketing know-how to step in.

For these reasons, small UK businesses will often look to external marketing agencies for support – either to advise on what to do or to run campaigns for them. This not only saves small businesses time on managing campaigns in-house but also means any marketing efforts are likely to be more effective.


Another area many small businesses find tough to handle in-house is IT. As with marketing, this can be down to not having the budget to hire permanent staff to look after it and/or not having high-level IT skills present in the current workforce.

Although people might know how to use a computer, managing even a tiny IT business network is a lot different! To help with this, lots of smaller UK businesses outsource their needs to external IT companies. This enables them to get expert help but without breaking the bank.

Professional small business accounting in Manchester

If you are a small business based in Manchester who needs support with business accounting, let SQK Accountancy help. Our expert team are all experienced accountants who can provide the kind of assistance you require. Contact us online or call on 0161 706 0444 for more details.

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