3 key areas to focus on in 2022 for any small business

small business focus 2022

3 key areas to focus on in 2022 for any small business

Small businesses are key to the UK economy and help to keep the nation going.

They not only provide vital services and goods but also employment too. If you run your own small business, you will no doubt be starting to review what happened in 2021 to date and also where 2022 might take you. A good tip here is to focus on the most essential areas because these will play a huge role in any future success.

But what are the 3 most important areas to concentrate on?


One very important area to pay more attention to in 2022 is small business accounting. But why is this so crucial? To begin with, focusing on your accounts will give you an up to date overview of your company’s financial health. It will also enable you to track expenses and streamline them where needed. In addition, paying more attention to your accounts will help protect your cash flow and allow you to set realistic goals for your business moving forward. Of course, it also comes in very handy for ensuring any tax returns to HMRC are returned on time!


As we move into 2022, paying attention to marketing for your small business is wise. Try to sit down and review how your campaigns went in the previous year or where they could be improved. It is also worth looking at the current hot trends in marketing and those which explode as we move through 2022. This will enable you to use the hottest techniques to connect with more consumers.

Customer service

This is perhaps the last really crucial area for any small business to keep on top of in 2022. It is fine to bring consumers to your business, but you need to look after them when you do. This means that taking steps to offer them the best support is essential. You may for example offer call centre staff refresher training on how to deal with people, bring in new ways for customers to contact you or speed up resolution times for queries.

Make 2022 a great year with SQK Accountancy

If your small business is based in Manchester, our team of professional accountants are on hand to offer small business accounting services as we move into 2022. This not only means we can handle this key business task for you but also that you get the best accounting advice to grow with. Contact Us on 0161 706 0444 for more details.

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