3 things SMEs should consider when choosing an accountant in 2022

what to consider when choosing an accountant 2022

3 things SMEs should consider when choosing an accountant in 2022

SMEs represent the hidden key to the UK’s financial health and economy.

That’s why it’s so vital that SMEs are equipped with qualified and experienced accountants going into 2022.

The financial trend is moving more firmly towards cloud accounting and offering more support to SMEs after numerous national lockdowns.

Here at SQK Accounting, we provide accountancy, payroll, and start-up support for SMEs, sole traders, and limited companies across Manchester. Read on to understand more about what you should be looking out for when it comes to choosing a trusted accountant for your SME.

1. The range of services they have to offer

It’s a common misconception that accountants are only for helping with tax and bookkeeping. However, in reality, accountants are capable of providing a wide range of services for your business’s benefit.

Check for audit support services, benefit and universal credit advisory services, cloud management services, and start-up support tailored to SMEs.

2. The quality of their customer support and their reviews

One of the determining characteristics of a good accountancy firm is that they have great reviews and provide a wide range of accessible customer service. It can make all the difference when you’re talking to an expert on the phone who really cares about your SME and finances.

Check this by looking at the accountancy firm’s reviews on their website, social media pages,  TrustPilot, Google business page and elsewhere online. You should also phone up to see how accessible their telephone service is and check to see how responsive they are by email or webchat.

3. Their value for money

SMEs are usually working to a tight budget. This means that your accountant must be within budget but also provide the value for that budget. There’s no good saving money on a cheap accountant if they don’t do a good job. Make sure to compare several potential accountancy firms against each other to evaluate their value for money.

For more information about choosing a cloud accountancy for your small business in Manchester for 2022, get in touch with SQK Accounting to speak to our dedicated customer service team.

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