3 tips to make running payroll easier in 2021

3 tips to make running payroll easier in 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, many businesses will be starting to look at how they can grow and improve in the New Year.

This involves looking into specific areas within the company and drilling down to see where processes can be revamped. One key thing many will look at is running payroll. This is a key monthly task which is complex and time-consuming – many people also find it boring! With this in mind, it is worth considering how to make running your payroll easier in 2021.

1. Switch to electronic payslips

One fairly simple way to make running payroll easier in the New Year is making the switch to electronic payslips. But why is this? The simple fact is that e-payslips are a lot simpler and quicker to prepare for businesses. In addition, they are better for the planet as you will not be using up lots of paper each month to produce them.

2. Create your own payroll calendar

If you want to make your life easier in 2021, then setting up your own payroll calendar is worthwhile. This will make it simpler to keep on top of the whole process and things like managing pay periods or when cut-off dates are for payments. This in turn puts you in full control and makes the whole process less stressful.

3. Outsource it

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, you might simply want to get away from running payroll altogether. The easiest, most effective way to go about this is outsourcing the job to a qualified accountancy firm. This means you get to offload payroll tasks and do not have to spend hours doing something you hate every month. Outsourcing payroll also means qualified professionals who have the time to keep up with all the latest updates from HMRC handle it for you.

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