6 questions to ask your accountant

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6 questions to ask your accountant

The life of a small business owner is largely centred around balancing the books and ensuring the company can survive another year.

To remain on a sound financial footing, seeking advice and support from professionals is essential; but what exactly should you ask an accountant during your first meeting?

Here are six questions that we, the accountants, encourage you to ask us!

1. How are charges worked out?

This should be one of the first things you establish. Some aspects of an accountant’s role will be dictated by a set fee, while other more extensive or complicated tasks may see you pay an hourly rate.

2. Can you assist with tax savings?

Accountants can help you achieve significant savings when it comes to tax. They are financial experts, and are therefore adept at helping individuals and companies organise money efficiently.

3. Can you always help people in my situation?

All reliable accountants will be able to give a broad overview of the type of scenarios in which they specialise. All SQK accountants are proficient, friendly and entirely professional, and will be more than happy to discuss their abilities and past success stories!

4. How exactly can you save me money?

Accountants are adept when it comes to completing all manner of financial documentation. They may be able to save you money by making process changes, by helping you organise payroll in a different way, or by offering simple spending advice.

5. Will we be in regular contact?

It is essential, both from the point of view of the client and the accountant, that you know how often you will be in touch, and via what medium meetings will take place. Establish this as early as possible so as to avoid any crossed wires later in the relationship.

6. Is there anything I can do myself?

It’s more than likely that small changes to your practices or processes could lead to you being able to save money. Accountants are always pleased to help – if you ask them questions, they will be more than happy to offer answers.

If you need further help, then why not get in touch, we are small business accounting experts.

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