Accountancy in 2017: 3 technology trends

Accountancy in 2017: 3 technology trends

Accountancy has seen some significant developments over the past few years, some of them hand in hand with technology. Our own organisation has endeavoured to select the most effective of the new technologies available to us, for the benefit of our clients. But which trends have we seen emerge in 2017, or continue their momentum, helping SQK to deliver our services more effectively?

1. The calling of the Cloud

Cloud computing might be the single most important advent in accountancy processes over the last few years. We are now able to access data from a much larger range of devices, making our work more flexible, while still offering the security safeguards which ensure client information is free from malicious threats. It has offered the sector added convenience, while providing cost savings which can then be passed on to customers.

2. What is local?

The movement of more accountancy firms online has meant that the best service doesn’t necessarily have to be the one which is closest to you. Customers now have the choice of accountants the length and breadth of the country to handle their accounts, and we now supply services to a wider range of clients than ever before. But be warned – don’t be fooled by an accountancy firm with ‘too good to be true’ marketing – always check credentials as a matter of course.

3. More mobility

Many of the applications we use can now be accessed on mobile devices. For this reason, you can expect the customer service you receive from accountancy firms to improve, as emails can be answered on the move, receipts can be sent, timesheets can be tracked, and much more. Mobile devices have made this possible anywhere with a 3G or wifi connection, and it all adds up to what should be a more efficient operational structure, with ultimate benefits to our clients.

So that’s our behind the scenes glimpse into the world of accountancy, giving you a feel for how we do things in 2017. There is no doubt that technology is not always strictly a good thing, but when there are rewards to be reaped in the form of improved accuracy and security, in accountancy it cannot be ignored.

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