Accountants: a start-up’s best friend

Accountants: a start-up’s best friend

When starting your new business, there are a million things to think about: your name, your business plan, your staff, your targets and your branding. Financials can seem like a huge challenge to any entrepreneur, and often get forgotten about until the letter from HMRC appears, so have a look into getting a trustworthy accountant to make your life easier and give your business the best start.

Valuable advice

A great accountant has years of experience, either in your specialism or in a range of different sectors. No matter what, they will have helped new businesses and amassed a wealth of inside knowledge. By concentrating on the numbers, they will notice the one product that has a huge margin or the service with the most demand and can help you tweak your business so it’s cash positive. They can provide you with an outside perspective of the business you’re so immersed in and by looking at your finances, an accountant can help you streamline your business and focus on the best aspects of your it.

Registering your business

When you start your new business, taxes, VAT and HMRC can all seem overwhelming. From registering your company name to registering for VAT, an accountant can do all of this for you, quickly and affordably. Look for an accountancy service like SQK’s Starting a Business Service, which can sort all of this out for you for just £30. There are so many tasks involved in setting up your new business, the more you can delegate, the more you can focus on the core of your business.

Managing finances

From receipts from the supermarket to orders scribbled in notebooks, it can be a real challenge to keep on top of your business finances and many start-ups struggle when it comes to tax return time of the year. Save yourself the hassle of rummaging through your desk for an invoice six months old and hire a reliable accountancy firm to keep you on track. From payroll to annual accounts, an accountant can handle all of this for you. SQK offer free accountancy software and a dedicated accountant who knows you and the business, with their package for new businesses. Instead of taking a valuable week out of your schedule to crunch the numbers, an accountant can be a lifeline for start-up businesses, letting you focus on growing your new business with the knowledge your numbers are under control.

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