Common payroll queries about the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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Common payroll queries about the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The UK coronavirus shutdown has hit small businesses hard.

But, there are ways to move forward and our latest blog posts discuss the kind of help that can be accessed during this crisis situation.

The experts here at SQK Accountancy have been inundated with calls from payroll clients and new customers with regard to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Some of the most common queries and solutions are provided below. However, if you can’t find the additional information you need on the UK government website, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we’ll be more than happy to discuss any payroll or business finance issues with you.

Our round-up of some of the most common queries on the UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

1. Is it possible to put zero-hours workers on furlough?

Yes, you can furlough any worker whose job has been severely impacted by Covid-19 just so long as they are paid through traditional PAYE methods and were working with you before 28 February 2020. You can also furlough part-timers, workers on variable hours, and any full-time employees. Your arrangement should be communicated to employees in writing, and you should ensure your workers are advised this is purely a temporary measure.

2. Can I furlough apprentices?

Any apprentices can be furloughed in a similar way to other employees but can continue learning while on leave. If your apprentices carry on with training during the period of leave you will need to make up any shortfall in their earnings.

3. Can the company directors be put on furlough?

Company directors are salaried employees, so, therefore, it’s possible to put them on furlough. Any decision of this nature needs to be recorded in the company’s official records and directors should be advised in writing. Company directors are allowed to carry out minimal work duties to meet statutory obligations while on furlough, however, these duties should not entail sales, marketing, or any other work carried out in the normal course of operations.

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