Embracing the convenience of cloud accounting

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Embracing the convenience of cloud accounting

The cloud is becoming one of the most popular aspects of modern small business accounting.

You’ve no doubt already heard about the cloud, and you may have thought about what it can offer you. The truth of the matter is that cloud accounting can offer your business unparalleled convenience in the way you approach your finances.

What exactly is “the cloud”?

So what is cloud accounting? The cloud is basically a virtually-hosted storage platform – so rather than your financial data being stored on a hard drive in your premises, it is stored on one hosted by your financial professionals. There are many benefits to this, namely that it makes the whole thing simpler for you as you don’t have to handle any complex technical issues yourself, and affordability as you don’t need to pay for the purchase and maintenance of that storage drive. You simply pay for its usage, which is a much more manageable prospect.

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud, however, is the convenience that it can offer you.

The convenience of the cloud

As the cloud offers you remote storage for all of your financial data, and indeed your business data in general, it means your access can also be remote. You will be provided with login details to access your cloud, and through that portal, you can access all of your financial information and documents from one easy hub.

The thing about the cloud, however, is you can do that from anywhere. You’re not tied to your machines in your office – you can access your data via any device, anywhere you are. That means it’s much easier for you to access your essential financial information on the move, which is perfect for dynamic small businesses.

Embracing the cloud

Whether it’s at home or while travelling, the cloud offers you instant access to your essential financial documents and data. It’s secure, it’s affordable, and it’s totally tailored to the way your business works.

We are experts in cloud accounting for small businesses, based in Manchester. If you’d like more information about how embracing the cloud can help your business, contact SQK Accountancy today.

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