Essential accounting skills for 2017

Essential accounting skills for 2017

With the advent of cloud accounting and advances in accounting technology, the landscape of the accounting industry has undergone vast changes – including the skills an accountant is expected to have. So what are the essential accounting skills for 2017?

1. Accounting for knowledge

New developments in accounting tools and apps have created fantastic opportunities for accountants, allowing them to provide much more efficient and effective accounting services for clients. It’s therefore become necessary for modern-day accountants to be up to date in their knowledge of accounting technology. Understanding how cloud accounting works, and in particular being comfortable with specific cloud systems relating to services such as payroll, can be hugely beneficial to clients, employees and accountants themselves.

2. Social accountancy

Yet it isn’t just enough to have a good working knowledge of cloud accounting and modern accounting tech. In a connected world that’s used to dealing with mobile and social platforms, accountants should be ready to use these platforms to connect and work with clients on a global scale. Creating accessibility and improving communication is key in modern accounting.

3. Taking the lead

Leadership is a hugely important skill for any accounting professional to have. Working in finance and accounting can mean dealing with challenging business situations head on, so companies will always be on the lookout for accountants that are able to show initiative and a desire to grow their careers.

4. Talking the talk

It’s no longer enough for accountants to be good at crunching the numbers. Even armed with a good working knowledge of accounting tech, a good accountant should be able to build a rapport with clients and answer their questions in a way that builds upon that relationship and doesn’t leave the client feeling left in the dark. Accountants should be able to present information to the client in a natural yet professional manner.

5. Deadline driven

The best accountants are comfortable working to a deadline, especially when working with businesses that aim to have their accounts in order at month-end close. 2017’s accountant should be able to shift priorities quickly and see the forest through the trees.

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