Here’s why a business is never too small to benefit from an accountant

Here’s why a business is never too small to benefit from an accountant

Many small and freshly started businesses fall into the trap of thinking that outsourced accountancy is not something they need to consider – they think an accountant is something only bigger businesses need.

The truth of it is, however, that small business accounting, when handled properly, is a key component of ensuring business growth.

Your business is never too small to benefit from outsourcing accountancy.

Keeping your finances simple

When you outsource to an accountant they can help you keep your business finances in a logical order. This is going to be essential when you come to need to calculate your VAT returns or your self-assessment tax returns. It can be hard to keep the necessary documents and data when you’re busy trying to provide your service to customers, however, and this is where an accountant can help. They can establish a system of keeping records that works for you to keep your finances simple and logical.

Remember that ignorance or “being too busy” is not an excuse if you make an error in one of your returns due to using incorrect information, or guessing because you couldn’t find the right document. Don’t risk it.

Accountancy grows with your business

Something few realise is that freelance accounting services actually scale with your business. Granted you might not be able to afford the accountancy services of a big corporation – but you don’t need the same accounting they do. The accounting services you need are scaled to your business and your requirements, which makes them much more affordable.

As your business grows and your financial streams become more diverse, your accountancy service will scale and adapt in kind. That keeps the cost of that service at a level you can comfortably afford, but it also ensures that you’re getting the accountancy services that your business actually needs. It helps to keep your path to growth as clear as possible.

Your business is never too small to benefit from the insight and professional help you can get from an outsourced accountant. To learn more, or to enquire just how affordable it could be for you, contact us SQK Accountancy today. We are experts in small business and cloud accounting, so we understand exactly what you need to move your business forward.

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