3 reasons for hiring an accountant as sole trader?

hiring an accountant

3 reasons for hiring an accountant as sole trader?

When you run a business on your own and are used to doing everything yourself. It can be hard to see the need to hire another person to complete a service for you, such as hiring an accountant.

Especially if your business is doing well, you may not want to change things or spend unnecessary money.

However, hiring an accountant may be extremely beneficial for sole traders, so read on for three reasons why you still need an accountant as a sole trader.

1. Time

As a sole trader, you will be aware of how much time goes into building and honing a business.

Time is likely your most precious resource, which is why wasting time filling out tax forms and endless VAT can be frustrating.

Working with an accountant ensures that you can dedicate your time to the important parts of your business that only you can do to get your company off the ground.

2. Money

While there is an initial cost to hiring an accountant, this price will likely be hugely outshone by the charges you face if there is ever a mistake found in any of your accounting forms.

Furthermore, an accountant could help you to save money on tax, meaning you benefit financially from the work of a skilled accountant.

3. Bonuses

On top of accounting work, some sole trader accounting firms or small business accounting companies will also offer bonuses to encourage you to use their services.

For example, alongside the traditional payroll services, SQK Accountancy promises a free dedicated accountant as well as free accounting software to make sure you have everything you need to keep your finances in order.

If saving on precious time and money and receiving additional bonuses just for the pleasure of someone else handling your accounting sounds good to you, make sure to get in touch with us.

Let SQK Accountancy sort out your accounting. We can even offer a free consultation so you can be sure you are happy with us before you even spend a penny. Contact us today.

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