How can you find the support your small business start-up needs?

support for small business start ups

How can you find the support your small business start-up needs?

Starting your own small business is exciting but can also feel a bit daunting.

This is especially true if you are a new entrepreneur and have never run your own company before. As with everything in life, it is often worth looking for additional support to make it easier. This not only gives you extra help in a practical sense but also leaves you feeling less pressure to handle everything on your own.

But how can you find practical small business start-up support?

Outsource suitable tasks

A great place to begin is outsourcing specific tasks. This not only saves you the hassle of doing them yourself but also saves valuable working time. If you have no staff to begin with or only a handful, this can ensure time is spent growing the business and not dealing with other necessary yet mundane tasks. Outsourcing also lets the experts handle specific tasks for you and ensures they are done right each time. From outsourcing payroll or your year-end accounts to getting help with HR, this is a great tip.

Look for investment

You can also need small business start-up support in a financial sense. Many new businesses, after all, require a helping hand to buy stock, hire staff, rent premises and cover a whole host of other costs. While you could handle this yourself if possible, financial support from external sources is critical otherwise. Whether you speak to your local bank about a business loan or look for private investment, this is another way start-ups can find support.

Mentors can be useful

Mentors can provide extra support if you have never run your own business before or are branching out into a new industry. These are experienced, successful business people that you trust and can turn to for advice. If you are unsure of how to handle a situation, where to take your business next or need someone to talk to about the pressures of running a business, mentors are the perfect solution. The best place to find one is usually either within your professional network or through family/friends.

Small business start-up support from SQK Accountancy

Based in Manchester, SQK Accountancy can support small business start-ups in the area with key tasks like payroll and accounting. As a professional accountant, we can help any new small business in Manchester with a whole range of services in this sector. Contact us on 0161 706 0444 to find out more.

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