How cloud accounting can keep your business running smoothly during a pandemic

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How cloud accounting can keep your business running smoothly during a pandemic

2021 is going to see a continuation of the difficult times we all experienced in 2020. While New Year’s optimism is essential, it’s also important to be realistic about challenges your business is going to face this year and going forward.

How can cloud accounting help your business to meet and overcome those challenges?

Maintaining contact at a distance

Distance is becoming the keyword whenever anyone does anything. Meetings are encouraged to be virtual as much as possible. But how do you have a virtual meeting with your accountant? Using cloud accounting, you can have a virtual conference call with your accountant where you will both be able to look at the same figures simultaneously. This applies not only to your accountant but also to your employees.

Cloud accounting removes the need for face to face contact over finances.

Allowing key financial decisions to be made

Something else about cloud accounting that is uniquely beneficial to the challenges presented by Covid-19 is that it allows you to make important financial decisions more easily. When making key financial decisions, as is necessary for the ever-changing Covid-19 marketplace, you need to make sure you’re in possession of all necessary data. With cloud accounting, you can be. You, your accountant, and everyone necessary to the decision-making process can see the same data at the same time.

This means everyone’s input and ideas are based on the same data, leading to better decisions.

Cutting costs associated with accounting

Cash flow is another key consideration in these trying times, and businesses are looking to make savings wherever possible. This is where the savings offered by implementing cloud accounting can be hugely beneficial. You don’t, for example, need to worry about rising infrastructure costs as the weight of the processing power is handled by the cloud’s servers. It also allows you to identify key saving strategies within your cash flow and offers a more efficient way to do business.

Whichever way you look at it, cloud accounting is an increasingly important part of the 2021 business landscape. To learn more about it, or how it could benefit your business, contact SQK Accountancy today.

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