How your business can save money by being green!

How your business can save money by being green!


Sometimes using loads of paper can’t be helped, but if you do use paper then make sure you use both sides. If you can’t then cut up any spare pieces and use them for taking notes. You can bundle some up and staple them together. They’ll be useful for writing down phone numbers or things you don’t want to forget.

Use a Printer that prints on both sides of the paper and try to get multifunctional machines which save energy.

When you do throw paper away make sure it’s in the recycle box. Shredded paper can be used for packaging, or taken away by your local council or a waste management company. When you buy paper make sure it’s been recycled. If you can use your computer for work and storage and cut down on your paper use, so much the better!


Forget plastic cups and plates, it’s better to get everyone in the office to bring their own. They can keep them in the kitchen and wash and dry them as they are used. Save water in the sink by using push taps that have a times flow or stop immediately. Use a bowl for washing up, don’t run the tap continually. If you’re in an office that uses a kettle, buy an eco- kettle. It only boils the water you need and some kettles have temperature gauges to tell you that the water is still hot enough for tea, so you don’t re-boil it.


Again, push taps will save water and so will dual flush toilets. If your office is new or being refurbished, think about waterless urinals. They don’t smell and they save a lot of water.


Make sure your office lighting is saving you energy. LED lights may cost a bit more to buy, but they save more energy than standard CFL bulbs and when you turn them on, there’s no waiting for them to warm up, you’re in the light immediately. Turn off all lights that don’t need to be on.

Heating – Just by turning the office thermostat down one degree will be an energy saving and the electricity bill won’t be as much either. If you are moving into a new building think about new ways of heating by using biomass energy or heat pumps. Think about installing solar panels which can help with the heating of hot water.

Cooling – If you can do without Air Conditioning by opening a window, you’re saving tonnes of energy. You could use ceiling fans which make you feel cooler, just don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the room. If you do need air conditioning, make sure you get an energy smart model.

Making your office space greener will make a big difference to your carbon emissions and small businesses could cut energy bills by as much as 18% to 25% by using green energy measures.


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