Make your new accountancy firm fit your business needs!

Make your new accountancy firm fit your business needs!

Selecting a new accountant doesn’t have to be a challenge. All you need to have is a firm idea of what is best for your business. Whether you’re a small business that is growing quickly, or a larger firm that needs a breath of fresh financial air, there is an accountant out there waiting to serve you.

That said, accountants are like a pair of fine shoes – they may all look nice, but it’s not a one size fits all choice. You need to find the right accountancy firm that can properly support you and your business needs. With that in mind, here’s a few things to consider when choosing your new accountants.

The size of your business

You really want the accountants you choose to be able to support your business needs, and if the accountancy firm you choose can’t support your 100+ employee capacity, they really aren’t the right fit. On the other side of the spectrum, a smaller accountancy firm may be more appropriate if you have fewer employees and you can expect to build a more intimate business relationship.

The type of business you run

It’s essential to your financial success that your new accountants understand your business and the industry you work in. This will help them support any financial decisions you may make in the future. An all-rounder accountancy firm may be more popular for some businesses, but if you are experiencing business growth you want to work with financial experts with knowledge of your sector.

The location of your business

Having access to your accountants is crucial to your financial success, which is why it is imperative you consider where your accountants are based. Local accountancy firms work better for local businesses as you don’t have to worry about travelling far to discuss business matters. After all, travelling to London to meet with your accountant while your offices are in Manchester isn’t beneficial or financially friendly.

If you’re looking for a local Manchester accountancy firm to really take your business to the right places, consider SQK Accountancy today. Contact us now for more information about our VAT registration and cloud accountancy services.

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