Online Payroll Services

Tired of spending hours processing payroll and PAYE every month ? Outsource this chore to a professional Manchester payroll services provider.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you whether you are looking to completely switch from your existing accountant or just externalise part of your activity.

SQK Accountancy cant take care of all your payroll requirements including:

  • Generating monthly payslips for your employees
  • Handling PAYE and National Insurance calculation
  • Providing annual documents such as P11D and personal tax returns for directors

Why use a payroll services provider?

Let’s face it. Processing payroll is a time consuming activity that brings no strategic value to your business. Worst, it is an error prone activity for which mistakes can put you in trouble with the taxman.

At SQK Accountancy we believe you are better off spending your time with your clients, or getting more clients than battling with the ever changing payroll rules set by HMRC.

Outsourcing your payroll to a professional Manchester payroll services provider gives you the ability to do just that.

Our processes will ensure that your payroll runs smoothly and that both your employees and HMRC are paid on time. Plus you get the benefits of having a local Manchester payroll services provider, and a team that takes it clients at heart.

How much does it cost to outsource my payroll?

With prices starting from £1.75/payslip only, we believe our hassle free payroll service to be extremely good value for money.

Think about how much time you spend processing payroll for your business every month. Now multiply that time by the hourly cost of having an employee doing it in house.

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