The benefits of choosing cloud account accountancy

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The benefits of choosing cloud account accountancy

With increasing numbers of services being offered through the cloud, and ever more businesses integrating themselves into this revolutionary technology, it is no surprise that accounting and accountancy have also discovered the benefits. Cutting edge accountancy firms are choosing to incorporate the cloud into their daily activities and their relationships with clients, helping to improve productivity and efficiency for all parties involved.

Our experts at SQK Accountancy use cloud technology in their office on a daily basis and have created this brief guide on how it helps them, and supports their customers too.

1. Streamlined system

Any business trying to keep tabs on its accounts through paper will quickly find that their office becomes overrun with files, receipts, and folders, all dedicated to managing their books. This is even more of a problem for start ups, who without the benefits of experience, are more likely is misplace something, creating a significant problem when it comes to sorting out taxes. However, cloud-based accounting software means that you only have a single data file to work with, which contains all of your information in an organised and manageable fashion. It’s neat, tidy, and available whenever you need it.

2. Offers easier collaboration

One of the best benefits of a cloud system is that the data can be accessed anywhere, by anyone with the right credentials. This means that people working in different offices can use the same data simultaneously, and it can be accessed by anyone who is working remotely too. This also means that your accountants can get all the information they need when they need it, rather than relying on you to physically transport stacks of paper to their office.

3. Increased security

Information stored on the cloud is significantly safer than traditional paper based methods. Not only is it well protected from malware and hackers, but the security offered from back ups and disaster recovery systems cannot be replicated in the real world, meaning that a cloud based system is really the only way to go.

At SQK Accountants, we pride ourselves on offering accountancy services to businesses and clients across a wide range of industries and incorporate the benefits of cloud technology into everything we do. For more information, please contact us at

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