Three reasons you need cloud accounting software this year

Three reasons you need cloud accounting software this year

The days of Excel spreadsheets and piles of papers are over. With the introduction of cloud accountancy software, businesses are progressing into a new era filled with more accurate data and more manageable finances. Even the government is supporting the introduction of cloud accountancy with the Making Tax Digital scheme that is being rolled out by 2018.

If your company hasn’t yet embraced the power of cloud accountancy software, it’s not too late. And if you’re not sure if you should, here are three of the biggest reasons why it should become your priority in the oncoming months.

1. Accounting software is more accurate

Working with cloud accounting software allows for fewer mistakes to be made. A lot of the software is now designed to sync with your in-house system and with your bank accounts, which means data is recorded accurately and without error. Software packages like Xero are also designed to warn you if they think you’ve made a mistake, stopping you from potentially putting your finances at risk.

2. Your productivity will improve

No need to stress yourself with days and days of calculations. Most cloud accounting software will do this for you in less than half the time so you don’t have to. Looking back at past financial records is also a breeze, with transactions and payments available at the click of a button. All that hard work has suddenly been reduced by the simple introduction of cloud accountancy to your office.

3. Working with your accountants will be easier

Preparing for meetings with your accountancy firm can often be a massive challenge, not to mention very time-consuming. That problem is solved with cloud accountancy software – instead, you can share all your information in real-time without the constant need to visit their office and supply your accountants with the data they need.

Not yet joined the cloud accountancy revolution? It’s not too late to make the great leap. SQK Accountancy is dedicated to providing clients across the UK with the very best cloud accounting solutions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make the transition.

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