Three signs that it’s time to hire an accountant

Three signs that it’s time to hire an accountant

Doing the books is a thorn in the side for most businesses, and whilst many try to do their own to save money, there may well come a time when it’s better to look to an expert for help. Whether you need to seek out the help of an accountant or not will become apparent to you if any of the following signs start appearing.

1. You’ve had reminders from HMRC

This is the first big sign that you are behind on getting your accounts in. Although you technically have a long period to get your accounts into HMRC, the sooner you do it the better, and as soon as it gets to the point where you are receiving reminders, then it’s probably time to seek help.

2. Someone has asked about your accounts

Remember that anyone can go on to Companies House and see your accounts at any time. These may be potential clients or investors. If someone has had to ask you directly for your accounts because they can’t see them online, then this is a big sign that you would be better handing your accounts over to someone who will get them done more swiftly, making them readily available for stakeholders to view.

3. You’re neglecting your core business activity

You’ll know if you’re neglecting your core business activity as staff will no doubt be alerting you to this fact, as may your sales figures. You may be neglecting your core business activity for a number of reasons. It could be that you are spending too much time on your marketing, or doing your own payroll or perhaps because you are fretting over small details on your website. All of these areas of activity can be contracted out to businesses who know how to do them better.

It may not just be your accounts that are distracting you from focusing on your core activity, but this is the first area you should think about handing over to someone in the know. This will free up the time you need to focus back on what you love – your core service or product.

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