What 3 accounting services are the most important for startups?

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What 3 accounting services are the most important for startups?

Accounting is essential for start-ups looking to grow their businesses.

Utilising accounting services as a start-up is important for getting your business on track to productivity and profitability, especially if you’ve never handled business finances before. Below are some of the key reasons why start-up accounting is essential for new businesses looking to grow:


Forecasting is a key aspect of most start-up businesses. Forecasts are documents that business owners can provide to investors and banks to obtain support and/or perhaps funding, which is where an accountant comes in. They can help the business owner forecast their spending, their profits and their growth, as well as provide general business planning.


Budgeting is another key aspect of start-up accounting. Having set budgets is important for keeping on top of your business spending and your resources. Start-up accounting services can help new business owners to maintain organised records of spending in certain areas, including advertising, hiring, inventory, materials, storage and general cash flow. Effective budgeting is important for start-ups to ensure that they are spending their money effectively and using their resources in a way that doesn’t negatively impact growth opportunities and success rates.

Managing payroll

A start-up accountant can also help you manage your payroll. When you’re just starting your business, the concept of payroll and salaries, as well as other aspects like salary bonuses, may seem extremely foreign and complex, but a start-up accountant knows all about how to set up and manage these properly. They’ll handle employee insurance details, taxes, holiday pay and more, which will be essential in ensuring you’re remaining compliant.

At SQK Accountancy, based in Manchester, we understand the hardships of navigating the accountancy side of a start-up business, which is why we offer professional accountancy services, specially tailored to new business owners to get you on the right track to success. For more information about our start-up accountancy services, get in touch with us today and speak to a member of our team.

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