What can you do to help your accountant deliver a better service?

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What can you do to help your accountant deliver a better service?

Getting a professional and experienced accountant to handle your financial situation is essential if you want to make sure your business is truly primed for growth.

The truth is, however, that small business accounting is most successful when both client and accountant are working together. With that in mind, what can you do to help your accountant better help you?

1. Good record keeping

The foundation of reliable accounting is good record keeping. Making sure you have your cash flow as clearly recorded as possible will make your accountant’s job that much easier, which ultimately makes it much more efficient. Keeping your receipts, invoices and tax documentation labelled and in an easily accessible order is one of the best things you can do for your accountant. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your accountant and they will be able to give you the advice you need.

2. Educate yourself

Education is always a valuable resource, but the difficulty is that accounting education can be time-consuming to come by. Your accountant is a fountain of resources for you to make the most of, to better understand your own financial situation. Whether it’s the most efficient ways to handle your invoicing, questions you have about VAT or taxation, or getting ideas about how you can better prepare your business for growth, make the most of your accountant’s creative and professional input.

3. Be communicative

Your accountant is there to work with you to make your business succeed as comprehensively as possible, but they can’t do much if they don’t know what you want from them. Communicate your needs, your requirements, and your expectations as clearly and concisely as possible with your accountant to make sure they can provide you with the service you really need. This should be an ongoing thing as your needs develop through the course of your business growth – so find an accountant you feel comfortable talking to.

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