What kind of help is available for small business accounting?

Accountants for small businesses

What kind of help is available for small business accounting?

Small business accounting is something that is critical to success and crucial for sustainable growth.

If you run a small business, looking after your accounts must be a central part of your overall business plan. This can often mean looking for expert help in this area from professional accountants. Outsourcing key tasks in this way is worthwhile because it means you let qualified professionals handle common accountancy tasks for you.

But what sort of help is available when it comes to small business accounting?

Book-keeping and yearly accounts

Many small businesses in the UK are required to submit yearly accounts to Companies House. These accounts can often be time-consuming to complete and submit. In addition, they can sometimes be complex to put together for entrepreneurs without a background in accounting.

As a result, this is a task most accountants offer help with. Standard book-keeping is another accounting task you can get expert assistance with and this saves you the time of doing it personally or having to employ permanent staff to cover it.

Running payroll

One common piece of assistance available for small business accounting is running payroll. With ever-changing rules in this area from HMRC and the need to get your staff’s pay right every time, getting help with this is worth considering. This means you not only let qualified professionals run your payroll accurately each time but also save valuable working time doing it yourself. It also avoids you having to keep up with new rules around payroll or having to employ staff to look after it for you.

Tax advice and returns

This is perhaps the type of help you can get with small business accounts which most entrepreneurs know about. It is also the one area which proves most beneficial to seek outside help with!

This is because tax returns can be complex to complete and can see HMRC moving the goalposts on how to do it regularly. In addition, it is key to get your tax return right and this means getting help from professional accountants makes sense. Whether you ask an account to handle everything for you or simply get advice on things you aren’t sure about, this assistance is valuable.

Help with small business accounting in Manchester

Here at SQK Accountancy, we provide small businesses in and around Manchester with all the accounting help they need. Our friendly team are happy to assist with all the tasks we have looked at above. Get in touch on 0161 706 0444 today for more details.

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