What three things should business start-ups be looking for in accountancy professionals?

What three things should business start-ups be looking for in accountancy professionals?

For business start-ups, outsourced accountancy is one of the most practical investments available.

They allow you as a business owner to focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your finances are being professionally handled. The more your business grows, the better an investment outsourced accountancy becomes.

But when looking for someone to trust with your finances, what should you be looking for? Here are three things.

1. Experience

When choosing an accountancy professional to outsource to, their level of experience is paramount. You want to take advantage of the lessons they have learned, through working with other business start-ups. Business start-ups also have unique financial requirements compared to other businesses that your accountancy professional needs to be aware of. Do the homework, check their background, ask for resources, and make an informed choice.

2. Communication

Accountancy is a symbiotic relationship – namely, you and your accountant are going to need to work together. Working together demands an accountant with excellent communication skills. You need to be able to consistently reach your accountant by phone or by email when there are things to discuss. Communication skills are more than that though – they also need to be able to explain complex financial elements in as simple terms as possible.

3. Versatility

No two businesses have the same financial requirements. Business start-ups particularly will have a unique path to their business growth, which your accountant needs to be able to adapt to. Your accountant must be well versed with problem-solving and developing solutions to the requirements your business develops over time. Financial systems must be flexible in order to deal with the different financial conditions your business will experience as it grows. The people who you trust to oversee those financial systems must be equally as flexible in their approach.

Making an informed choice

The extra time you take to choose the right accountant will serve you extremely well over time. Choosing the right accountant is the best way to help your business grow as smoothly and successfully as possible. We are specialists in small business and startup accounting. For more advice or just a chat, why not get in touch with us today?

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