Which key areas should you focus on as a small business owner?

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Which key areas should you focus on as a small business owner?

If you live in Manchester and have recently set-up your own small business in the city, you know there is a lot to look after.

Running your own company involves keeping an eye on many different things and normally sees you with a long to-do list. It is key however to focus on the areas in your business which are truly vital to success. But which key business areas does this cover?


One of the most essential elements to any small business is marketing. It is crucial that you get the word out to consumers to let them know you exist and what services you offer. A good marketing plan will also explain to consumers why they should choose you over competitors and the story behind your brand. The great news for smaller businesses now is that there is a wide range of marketing channels you can use which are free or low cost. Social media is a classic example but there are also resources like flyers, business cards and setting up your own website to help.

Customer service

Once you have attracted consumers to spend money with you, looking after them is key. This will help you to retain a growing base of returning customers to help your profits grow. The best way to do this is making sure that your customer support is outstanding. This will mean that people return to shop with you time and again whilst also telling their friends about how great you are or leaving positive online reviews.


The last key element to think about is small business accounting. Making sure your finances are in order is vital so you can track your company accounts, look after your cash flow, drive sustained growth and get your tax returns completed on time. For most small business owners, the easiest and most convenient way to go about this is using a qualified accountancy firm. Many such firms use the latest Cloud-based software for even more convenience and cost-saving results.

SQK Accountancy for small business accounting in Manchester

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