Why should small businesses use cloud accounting?

Cloud Accounting

Why should small businesses use cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is an increasingly popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Understanding what cloud accounting is and how it can benefit your small business is key to reaping the benefits and securely storing your important data and information. Here at SQK Accountancy, we want to make sure you make the right choice for your businesses.

What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is a computerized accounting system resource that businesses can access using the internet. Cloud accounting software, often termed web-based accounting systems or online accounting software is hosted on a remote server. Operating in the same way as traditional accounting software that is typically installed on the premises of a business, cloud accounting is only different because of the way it is hosted on a remote server.

Why should small businesses use cloud accounting?

Below are the key reasons why small businesses should use cloud accounting:

Cost-effective choice

Cloud accounting is the most cost-effective choice for small businesses. Your small business can save costs by avoiding in-house accounting software which often needs regular upgrades and updating and the installation of a powerful server to cover your business. Cloud accounting enables small businesses to increase the number of employees that have access to the server without adding extra costs.

Boosted security

Cloud accounting has stronger security against cyber threats and works to securely protect all of your data and important information. Employees will have authorised access, ensuring that opportunities for external infiltration of your system are significantly reduced.


Cloud accounting promises lots of flexibility for small businesses. Forget worrying about having the right device to access the network or needing endless passwords – employees can access the business network on any device with one simple set of login password credentials.

Improved efficiency

Cloud accounting software has a higher performance level compared to traditional accounting software, making it the ideal choice for start-up businesses and growing businesses. The efficiency of the software works to boost productivity and improve the user experience of employees.

Specialising in small business accounting and based in Manchester, our team of cloud accountants at SQK Accountancy offers small business start-up support. For more information about cloud accounting, or the options for small business accounting, contact a member of our team.

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