Why should you choose a specialist small/medium sized business accountant?

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Why should you choose a specialist small/medium sized business accountant?

When choosing the best accountancy firm to help your small or medium-sized business, you have a lot to choose from. It can be tempting to choose a firm with a degree of international pedigree. But, the reality of it is that you should be looking for an accountancy firm with a specialist understanding of the financial needs of your size of business.

SQK Accountancy is one such firm, with a range of specialist medium and small business accounting services to offer.

Getting a specialist service

The quality of any service depends on how well the service provider understands the needs of their client. The same is true for accountancy – it’s not a “one size fits all” service. An accountancy firm that has multiple large multinationals as clients may seem more appealing, but in truth, they might actually have no idea what a small or medium-sized business truly needs from them, because they don’t have the experience in providing that service.

The right accountancy firm can offer you small business start-up support and a range of financial services tailored to your situation, and the way your business operates. Everything from the way your finances are structured, to the way invoices, are handled and reports are generated, and the way your returns are filed, and much more, is altered depending on the size of your business. So if you’re a small business, you need dedicate small business support.

Choose based on experience

When deciding which accounting firm to help your small to medium-sized business, it’s important to ask about the track record they have helping other businesses like yours. SQK Accountancy, for example, has a focus towards the particular financial needs of small and medium businesses, born from working with a broad spectrum of clients. This has given us a unique understanding of their needs, allowing us to better tailor our service.

If you’re choosing an accountant to help your business grow and to get your finances in order, choose one who actually understands your situation and what you really need. Contact SQK Accountancy today to learn more.

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